*After registration you will receive an email on how to take advantage of these offers.

We will assist with cost-effective and convenient accommodations. These options include shared houses which cost four times less than staying at a hotel. Please note that booking preferences will go to persons traveling from far distances. After registration, we will provide you with the cost of your stay at the shared houses: the rooms will be shared with attendees only. However, if you prefer to rent a hotel, please see the list below for nearby options. This list is from a research of hotels in the area and we have no experience in booking these hotels.

Nearby hotels

Websites for booking hotels


We will have designated chauffeurs to assist with transportation for the workshop. Their duties will include drop-offs and pickups between the seminar location and your hotel/shared house. Please note that pickups and drop-offs carry separate costs and will be facilitated in groups only. The total will be communicated closer to the time of the workshop when all seats are finalized. If you wish to have these chauffeurs assist with transportation outside of the workshop, you may do so without any assistance from us. At that point, you will be required to contact the driver on your own. We will hold no responsibility for bookings outside of the workshop.


We look forward to seeing you there.

Adult: 3000yen
This includes the cost of the workshop, meals beverages and snacks for the day. Payment will be collected on entry.

*Kids meal selected after registration

*NOTE: This workshop is for Jamaicans and their children in Japan