The following is a list of answers provided by the Jamaican Embassy in response to questions posed by members of Jamaican community in Japan (If you have other questions please mail them to us using the contact form on this website or the Jamaican Embassy).

Topics and Responses

Unfortunately, it is not possible to register online, it is something that the Embassy is working towards. As of this moment, registration can be completed in one of the following ways:
  • Scanned and emailed
  • By fax
  • Dropped off in person
  • Mailed in
It was mentioned that if you are coming by the Embassy with the intention of speaking to a Jamaican member of staff, it would be better to call ahead just to make sure someone is available. It was also noted that the Embassy does not automatically register individuals, e.g. from passport applications etc. Individuals must specifically register. The Embassy is asking us as members of the community to remind new members especially those we may come in contact with, to register.
When asked about emails not being received by some registered members, the Embassy stated that emails are sent to everyone in their mailing list. They often receive failed receipts. If you are a community member who has registered and hasn't been receiving correspondences, please contact the Embassy.
  • Mode of transport - Diplomatic bag which goes out about once every 2 weeks, however if many applications are received then it will be increased. It is not possible to say when the bag will go out, only diplomatic staff are privy to that info.
  • Diplomatic bag arrives at the ministry - Ministry sends documents to PICA, after which it is all out of the Embassy's hands. The Embassy can contact PICA on a person's behalf but they cannot force PICA to speed up the process.
  • Normal timeline (4 weeks to get to PICA, 4 weeks to process, 4 weeks to get back to Japan)
The usual cause of this are issues with the application e.g. missing documents, pictures not machine readable at PICA etc.
  • Please check photograph requirements
  • The old style birth certificate is a problem
  • On page 2 of the application there are 2 sections for signatures and they MUST be identical
  • One can apply for a new passport 6 months to a year before expiration
  • Emergency processing is available at home at the PICA head office
  • The processing time for acquiring Jamaican citizenship is up to 24 months. The average time is 6 months to a year.
  • Cash transactions are not allowed nor is the option to pay by credit card available outside of Jamaica.
  • The Embassy can be a notary for Jamaican documents issued by the government at a cost of 2000 yen per signature. Valid ID (Jamaican) will be needed. There are some documents that the Embassy is unable to authenticate, please contact them if you have any questions.
  • Fingerprinting is a service available at the Embassy. Call or email to set up an appointment.
The Embassy can mail a letter to your Immigration Office if there is a delay in receiving your passport which may create a problem with your visa renewal.
Updates on marriage, housing etc. can be sent electronically.
The observation was made that the website is not regularly updated. The Embassy acknowledged their awareness of this and said that it is something that they are working on.
This is a new page and the Embassy is still exploring how best to utilize it.
Regarding Embassy checking to see if members of the community were affected during previous disasters. The Embassy responded thet emails were sent out to the Jamaicans in their mailing list requesting knowledge if everyone was OK. Contact was made with Interac and CLAIR and they were advised that all the Jamaicans in their employ were safe.
A reminder was made that if you have not yet registered, please do so.
The Embassy only authenticates documents for applications. They do not process the documents, nor are they submitted on a person's behalf.
The Embassy is willing to guide individuals on how to go about finding sponsors for charity events as well as provide assistance if possible.
Regarding the Embassy putting on social events for the community. The Embassy noted that they cannot personally sponsor such events because of budgetary constraints, but they are willing to participate in tandem with community groups.
The Embassy conducts school visits/tours. There are 2 types;
  • The students come to the Embassy
  • Embassy staff goes to the school
The Embassy is asking teachers to ask their schools to participate. Forms can be downloaded on the website.
In response Embassy making the community aware of scholarships that exist through the Japanese/Jamaican governments. The Embassy stated that they don't do this because the individuals should be residing in Jamaica at the time of application.
It was noted that individuals should be aware that they will be bonded 2 to 5 years if the scholarship is from the Jamaican government.

As it relates to the outrageous and inaccurate depictions of Jamaica on Japanese TV programs. The Embassy states that they can only lodge complaints to the TV studios .
The ambassador reminded us that the Embassy is here for us and that the government is committed to protecting us and promote our interests