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Thanks to all who paticipated in the forum held at the Jamaican Embassy on May 26th, 2017. The answers to the questions are at this >>link Click the link above to submit questions you may have.

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Committee Members


Dear fellow Jamaicans, it's with pride that I write to you as we come together to enhance the bond in our community away from home. While here, we are often separated by our busy schedules, lifestyles and location. But we need to make time to "link up" as one people. We all have our differences but let's remember we are "out of many, one people". A lot of my most cherished moments here in Japan were created while among people I share a certain connection. Free to express myself, make certain jokes, make certain references, be myself. The JIJ is here to facilitate that very atmosphere we yearn for when we reminisce of home, yaad, Jamrock. Let's come together and represent Jamaica, help each other and people back home where we can, ask for help when we need it, chat patios, debate as we do in Jamaica, buss some jokes and just have fun as often as we can. Let's come together and be Jamaicans. As a member of the JIJ committee, I invite you to join the community if you haven't yet done so. We all have something to offer and from time to time we all need help. It's a place for every Jamaican here in Japan. Elroy Campbell-Interim President


The purpose of Jamaicans in Japan is to promote the wellbeing and growth of the Jamaican community within Japan through outreach programs, best practices, education, member networking, and leadership.


  • Provide information and support services to help members adjust to living and working in Japan, and also to promote member involvement.
  • Leadership Development. Engage in efforts to assist members to develop the skills and capabilities necessary to enable them to become organizational leaders as well as technical experts.
  • Association Operations and Fundraising Activities. Conduct the operations of Jamaicans in Japan in a manner that exemplifies the highest standards of financial management and member service. To identify valuable or appropriate causes for charity or community volunteerism.
  • Expert Knowledge. To become cultural experts and liaisons to Jamaica
  • Raising Public Awareness of Jamaican Culture and Contributions in Japan.
  • Enhanced Cooperation. Cooperate with Jamaican Embassy and complement the services provided by other organizations (Japan, Jamaica and international) to increase the effectiveness of JIJ.

Our history

The idea of an official group isn't new. It was resurrected some years ago at a gathering of Jamaicans. Some people from that session decided not to let it stay there. We decided an organisation with structure and regulations should be initiated before introducing it to the community for everyone to be involved. After many meetings, many ups and downs, we held out launch event and began registering members in 2016. We are continuously making improvements and with the help of the community we look forward to great achievements in the future.
Let's all come together as Jamaicans, united and supportive.

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